Sunday, May 14, 2006

So, still raining. And still sanding. I sanded only for an hour this time, trying to get that laminate (or wood glue) coating off the top.

I used a dremel for the details- went faster than i thought, but i was deathly afraid i would make a grove too deep too soon. I got lucky.

Thats a photograph of my 'work shop'. I back my dads car out and sand for a while.
I've been sanding some more, its
still raining so i backed my dads car out of the garage. Its 40 F out, so my hands are a little numb. Took me an hour and a half again to get to the point you see in the photograph. I plan to use a dremel to get the fine detail around those stupid metal peg things. It also apears that there may be a thin laminite, or it could be some more of the sealent comming off. I discovered a seam (viewable in my crappy photograph). I dont think it will be noticable once I've sanded more.

Also, i realized that I wasn't done sanding on the back. I have to sand till i get saw dust instead of white powder. Sounds obvious right? There appears to be a sealing coat underneath the black paint- that surprised me.

Looks like I get the prividge of sanding for the rest of my life on this thing.
My hours thus far:
  • sanding: 1.5 hours (2x)
  • research: 1 hour
  • dissasembly: 1 hour

So as far as designs go, I've been thinking about it quite a bit. Its a pretty expensive canvas. I've drafted up one design on paper, but it was just to get my juices flowing so I wont show it here.

This one was created in photoshop, I really want some of that amazing wood to shine through in the finished product. Also I think it needs spiderwebs, probly painted on using some silver/metalic shine paint. Its a pity you cant see the mahogany wood grain in this image. Just pretend its there :D.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's still raining, so I'm looking into a permenent way to give my guitar a unique sound. Here are the links I've been reading for some ideas.

We'll I've started sanding. This is going to take a while. I've been standing in my driveway with a hand held power sander, 100 grit paper, and an air compresser. It took me an hour and a half to get the finish off the back. I choose to start on the back because I figured that would be the best spot to screw up. I use the compresser to get the nasty finish dust away.

This is going to take a while. I think I'll dremel the fine detailes. I wish it wasn't raining!
I've got the guitar dissasembled, and I was surprised how little is in a guitar. It was easyer (and less tricky) to take all the panels off. I figured the neck would be difficult but that proved to be wrong.

Betcha thats a bitch to get back on and *blah blah* set up right. I found out that the duel pick up thingy had an easy fix. The srew holding the pick ups in had become... unscrewed. So i screw it back togeather and then realize that if you tip the guitar upsides down, they would touch the springs.

On one of the magnets inside, i found a brass colored spring- so i put it between the faceplate and the pick up's screw thread... thingy. One sides good- what to do about the other? I cheated big time. It looked just like a bic pen spring... so thats what i used.

I only had to cut three wires out, one was a ground to the metal block that holds the string in, and the other two were to the cord jack. Those three will be easy to fix with an soldering iron.


You can see that the guitar is in fairly good shape, with the exception of the crooked pick up... thing. I am not a muscian, I sing in a High School Choir (which I failed last semester). I choose a guitar as a 'unique canvas'. So I'm learing as I go along.

A few chips in the paint were not a problem for me, this guitar is an ibanez which i bought of a classmate for 50$.
I bought a 50$ used guitar, and this will cronicle my deconstruction, restoration, and modification of it.