Thursday, August 17, 2006


Yesterday I bought a can of Minwax stain. Pretty sweet. Today I spent an hour preping the guitar. Last finishing touches and such. After i was sure i was ready, I laid out some paper, got a foam brush and started staining. I can see where i missed sanding some areas, but as my mother says 'it adds depth'. The only real trouble spot is covered by the pick guard anyways.

Refering back to my design, i've been thinking about how to realize the spiderweb. I was planning on doing some hardcore inlay work... but i just dont want to spend that much time on this project. A paperthin piece of polished metal came to mind, but it was sugested to me to use acryic silver paint. Its far more reflective than any normal acrylic.

Letting the stain dry now.


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