Thursday, August 17, 2006

How the web

A very important part of my design was the web accents across the body of the guitar. Inlay sees a bit over the top for this kind of project, so I started looking into other alternitives. The paint I ended up choosing has made all the difference.

I've used blue masking tape to outline the webs strands for clean and crisp lines. I take a strip of take and sketch in the line i plan to paint using a pencil. Then a single cut with an exacto knife and i peel up the two halfs and place them onto the body. I take care only to press firmly on the very edge of the blue tape that the paint will come in contact with. Three to five coats later and when i hold it up to catch light it looks seamless and as professional as inlay would be.

I tested this on a scrap piece of wood i found in the garage. Not a cheap or shody plank. I stained it and plan to lacquer it in the same way as the guitar. Kind of a test strip. As I am driving to Conn. tommarow I will be unable to lacquer it untill sunday, plenty of drying time.


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