Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Been a while

Its been quite some time without working on the guitar, but I was buisy with other projects. Today I spent 2 hours sanding and using varnish remover to try and rid myself from the last of the guitar body coating. Perhaps another hour and I will be ready to do the fine sanding.

Found this article and I am very glad. Now i have the excuse of 'improving audio quality' to add reason (and sanity) to this bloody sanding. Also I now have a starting point for how to finish my guitar.

I've drafted an email to send to the author of the site figuring he'll know if its a good idea to use acrylic and inlay silver (or aluminum or whatever i can afford) on the guitars surface. Also wether i must sand out the internal cavities of the guitar and wether staining the wood is a good idea. But keep in mind this was born as an art project, not an audiophile's wet dream.

Part 2: We'll i went out some more this afternoon and sanded for another 2 hours. The sanding (even fine grit!) is allmost done. I ended up using a dremel very carfully for the edging and concave curves that could not be reached by my palm sander.

I'm going to look into the neck now... i really don't want to sand it.


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