Saturday, May 13, 2006

I've got the guitar dissasembled, and I was surprised how little is in a guitar. It was easyer (and less tricky) to take all the panels off. I figured the neck would be difficult but that proved to be wrong.

Betcha thats a bitch to get back on and *blah blah* set up right. I found out that the duel pick up thingy had an easy fix. The srew holding the pick ups in had become... unscrewed. So i screw it back togeather and then realize that if you tip the guitar upsides down, they would touch the springs.

On one of the magnets inside, i found a brass colored spring- so i put it between the faceplate and the pick up's screw thread... thingy. One sides good- what to do about the other? I cheated big time. It looked just like a bic pen spring... so thats what i used.

I only had to cut three wires out, one was a ground to the metal block that holds the string in, and the other two were to the cord jack. Those three will be easy to fix with an soldering iron.



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