Sunday, May 14, 2006

I've been sanding some more, its
still raining so i backed my dads car out of the garage. Its 40 F out, so my hands are a little numb. Took me an hour and a half again to get to the point you see in the photograph. I plan to use a dremel to get the fine detail around those stupid metal peg things. It also apears that there may be a thin laminite, or it could be some more of the sealent comming off. I discovered a seam (viewable in my crappy photograph). I dont think it will be noticable once I've sanded more.

Also, i realized that I wasn't done sanding on the back. I have to sand till i get saw dust instead of white powder. Sounds obvious right? There appears to be a sealing coat underneath the black paint- that surprised me.

Looks like I get the prividge of sanding for the rest of my life on this thing.
My hours thus far:
  • sanding: 1.5 hours (2x)
  • research: 1 hour
  • dissasembly: 1 hour


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